Studio Classes

Pilates Studio


How Studio Classes work

Each Studio class has no more than five participants at one time.  Each person works individually following a programme designed for their needs.  These sessions are suitable for both those with specific problems who need extra help and attention and those who are fit and able, wishing to enhance their current fitness programme.  Each class lasts for 90 minutes and sessions must be booked in advance.

If you want to consider Mat Classes as an alternative click here

Studio Class Times



Morning                                               Evening

10am – 11.30am                                5.30pm – 7pm

11.30am – 1pm                                   7pm – 8.30pm


Morning                                                Evening

10am – 11.30am                                 5.30pm – 7pm

11.30am – 1pm                                    7pm – 8.30pm


Morning                                                Evening

10.30am – 12pm                                5.30pm – 7pm

12pm – 1.30pm                                   7pm – 8.30pm


  • 5 Classes to be taken within a 7 week period: £120
  • 10 Classes to be taken within a 14 week period: £220
  • 20 Classes to be taken within a 24 week period: £400
  • 30 Classes to be taken within a 38 week period: £570
  • 40 Classes to be taken within a 52 week period: £720

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