What is Pilates? 

Pilates is a body conditioning technique developed in the early 20th century by German-born Joseph Pilates.  Focusing on physical and mental well-being,  it improves both strength and flexibility throughout the whole body.  It is a system that enhances muscle performance whilst improving spinal alignment and posture.

Pilates focuses on:

  • Breath Control
  • Postural Symmetry/Body Alignment
  • Muscular Flexibility
  • Spine, Pelvic and Shoulder Stabilisation
  • Abdominal Strength
  • Joint Mobility

Who is Pilates for?

It is suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities.  It is an extremely safe and gentle system of exercise that aims to strengthen all muscle groups; especially the weaker ones.  It does not need to replace your existing exercise regime (unless it is causing you problems). It can enhance it!  It can strengthen your range of motion through all joints.  It is suitable for injury prevention and repair as well as a post- joint operation rehabilitation system.


How will I benefit from Pilates?

You will see improvements in balance, co-ordination and core stability.  Your postural alignment will be better and you will experience increased flexibility and mobility.  The concentration on breathing is a major component of Pilates and understanding this properly will facilitate the optimal benefits of the exercise.  It will also complement other activities and sports, increasing your endurance and overall strength.  Pilates is great for keeping you running, playing golf, football, horse-riding, cycling and many other sports.  Other people who see improvements with Pilates include those with fibromyalgia, knee operations, hip replacements, back surgery and other joint issues.